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    Evolution and the Public (1859-2009)

    The discussion of a scientific idea
    and its ramifications since Charles Darwin


    You can register here for the conference "Evolution and the Public". This page contains the information relevant for registration.

    The conference is open to all those who may be interested. However, registration is mandatory. The online registration form on this website is available from August 1 to August 30, 2009. There is no conference fee. Speakers and chairs do not need an additional registration.

    For the conference programme, please click on the heading programme . There is no obligation to attend specific sections, changing sections is possible. The tour and reception at the town hall of Siegen on Thursday evening is reserved for speakers and chairs. We regret that even for a fee, the participation of guests in these is not possible.

    The organizers do not arrange for accommodation for guests. However, you may find information about hotels in Siegen on our travel and accommodation page . The website of the City of Siegen offers further information about hotels and accommodation. The For speakers and chairs rooms will be booked at the Park Hotel and the Trainotel . The cost for the accommodation of speakers and chairs are covered by the organizers.

    On the three days of the conference, cold drinks, coffee and cakes will be provided free of charge for all guests. For a fee, a lunch buffet is offered on each of these days. You can order lunch for one, two or all three days with your registration. The cost will be a maximum of 15 € per person per meal. Payment in cash will be due on the first conference day Registration for meals is only possible when registrating when registering for the conference. Please note that late registrations cannot be considered. For speakers and chairs all meals are free of charge. Please note that there are no restaurants or food stores at the conference venue. The University cafeteria is a 10 minute walk away.

    Personal Data: All personal data that you transmit when registrating are only used by the organizers for conference planning purposes and will not be disclosed to third parties. All data will be deleted after the conference.

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