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Foster Care Research Group (Homepage - engl.)




The 9th Foster Care Research Network Conference will be hosted at Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (France) from Wednesday, 27th till Friday 29th of September 2017.

The 27th and 28th will be dedicated to plenary conferences and parallel sessions on the topic of Continuity and Disruption in Foster Care.
Find more information at: http://fostercareresearch.u-paris10.fr
The Deadline for submitting papers is March, 30th 2017
The 29th of September 2017 will be organised jointly with the Observatoire National de la Protection de l'Enfance (ONPE, former ONED) and Association Nationale de Placement Familial (ANPF). It will be held in English and French and open to practitioners from the field of Foster Care.


The 8th International Foster Care Research Network Conference took place
on the 17th and 18th of September 2015
at the University of Siegen, Germany 

A documentation of the Conference is now available. Check HERE



 At the University of Siegen a research focus “Research on growing up in foster care” has been established under the chair of Prof. Dr. Klaus Wolf.

Core elements of the research focus are currently:

  • The International research network "Foster Care Research" providing exchange with researchers from all over Europe
  • Divers qualitative studies on Foster Care
  • Consulting and Evaluating practice of foster care by the ZPE (Zentrum für Planung und Evaluation Sozialer Dienste – Center for planning and Evaluation of social services at the University of Siegen),
  • A colloquium for PhD/ doctoral Students „Research on Foster Children, Foster Families and on Foster Care“ at the University of Siegen,including International PhD/ doctorates within „International Education Doctorate Program (INEDD)“ at the University of Siegen Departement 2 (Educational Sciences and Psychology)


Contact person for all Projects: Dipl.Päd., Dipl.-Soz.Arb. Daniela Reimer