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PASCH-Network | "International macht Schule" (BIDS)

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Within University Siegen's strategy of internationalisation, beside partner universities, also partner-school come to the fore of international cooperation. Therefore we build up a network of partner-schools with just PASCH-schools worldwide.

Partnerschools of University Siegen

"Betreuungsinitiative deutsche Auslandsschulen" (BIDS 2022-2024) 

Funded by German Ministry of foreigen affairs, University Siegen offers numerours activities especially for PASCH-students. Among others there is academic advising online and on-the-spot.Once a year we invite groups of PASCH-students to the city of Siegen, in order to get used to German universities and earn a deeper understanding for the academic opportunites offerd at University Siegen. Another incentive given by scholarships offered for the period as an university freshman.

Partly scholarships for freshman

The BIDS-project offers a limited amount of scholarships with a monthly rate of 400.00 Euro for up to 12 month. To apply for this scholarship please send the following documents before 15th of July:

- Motivation letter (max. 1 page)

- CV

- Tranbscripts of records (last two years in high-school or gradutaion certificates with marks from a PASCH-school)

- Advisory opinion from a German ZfA-teacher

- Language certificate in German (e.g. DSD II)

- Other certificates (traineeship certificates, awards, honorary post and so, if available)

Please send the above listed documents as PDF directly via email to Christian Gerhus.

Find scholarship guidelines here hier (only in German).


We are looking forward to welcome you in Siegen and receive your applications for partly scholarships. Do not hesitate to comtact us for further questions:

Christian Gerhus
Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2
57076 Siegen (Germany)

Telephon: 0271 / 740-5090
Email: Christian Gerhus

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