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International Researchers

Eva Shirley

Contact by email
AR-SSC 107


Finding a place to live is an important matter when moving to a new country. We, therefore, recommend looking for accommodation early enough. As researcher you have a number of options:

University Guest Houses

The University has two guest houses with flats which are available to international researchers. Please see here for further information.

Private Accommodation

If you are looking to rent your own flat, you should pay particular attention to a few things:

» Is the flat furnished [möbliert or möbl.]?
» Does the flat have a kitchen [Einbauküche or EBK]?
» Which costs are included in the Warmmmiete [lit. warm rent, i.e. rent incl. utilities] indicated? → Often electricity needs to be organised seperately.

Please let us know if you are interested in buying your own furniture, as there are also a number of websites where second-hand furniture is offered.

Search engines include:
» Immo Scout24
» immobilo
» immowelt
» immonet

A list of abbreviations used in real estate can be found here.

Shared flats

Many students, but also some professionals, in Germany rent rooms in shared houses or flats, or Wohngemeinschaften[WG]. This is a great way of keeping living costs low and meeting new people, who might already know their way around the town and university.
Often rooms are not furnished, but second-hand furniture is easy to come by. Sometimes, furnished rooms are sublet when the tenant is away, making them a great place to begin your stay in Siegen and from where to look for something more permanent.
Generally, costs for electricity, internet, gas/oil are either directly included in your rent to the landlord or shared with the other tenants. Prices given on sites often already include these costs.

There are a number of search engines for rooms in shared flats/houses:

» Studentisches Wohnen in Siegen
» wg-suche.de
» eBay Kleinanzeigen

Please be aware that landlords might request that you have a personal liability insurance and a household contents insurance. For further information, please click here.