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Financing Your Stay

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Knowing how you will be financing your stay in Germany is important before coming to Siegen, particularly as the different types of financing affect the steps you will need to take when planning your stay. If you are a third countnry national planning on staying for more than three months, this point is particularly important, as the Ausländerbehörde [immigration office] will expect to see proof that you can sustain a living while staying in Germany. There are a few ways to finance your stay:


One way to finance your stay is through a scholarship. There are a number of organisations that offer a variety of scholarships, some of which will allow you to come for a few months, other for a few years. Some of the options are:

»The EURAXESS Germany portal offers information for internationally mobile researchers and is part of an EU-wide network. It includes a funding database that offers information about funding programs and includes a job portal. Furthermore, much information on living and working in Germany is given.

» The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)has a number of different scholarship programs to offer. You can browse through their scholarship database to see if something suitable is available. You can also check there for non-DAAD scholarships.

» For funding opportunities at the University of Siegen, please visit the Research Funding website.

» The Research in Germany website also offers an overview of various scholarship databases and funding opportunities.

This list is not exhaustive and you will find many other funding opportunities online.

Work Contract

Another way of financing your stay is through an employment contract with the University. These often range between approximately 20 and 40 hours per week and are usually limited to a few years only. Please check the University's job portal to see if there are any vacancies.


One way to finance your stay is to live off of your savings. Should this be an option for you, please make sure you have the required sum available as proof for the Ausländerbehörde (Foreigners' Office) when applying for your residence permit.