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Accommodation in Siegen

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In Germany an offer of admission does not guarantee a place in a student residence hall. Accepted students need to apply for housing as soon as possible. The University of Siegen does not provide student residences or student apartments.


Residence Halls of the Student Services Organization Siegen

The centralized property manager of most of the residence halls in Siegen is the Student Services Organization Siegen (Studierendenwerk Siegen).

Rooms in the residence halls of the Student Services Organization Siegen (Studierendenwerk Siegen) in Siegen and Siegen-Weidenau are in demand, yet spots are limited. You should apply after you received your offer of admission.

Please note that interns who are not registered as students of the University of Siegen do not have any claim to a room in a residence hall.

Contact Student Services Organization Siegen (Studierendenwerk Siegen) >

Residence Halls

International Matters and Culture

e-mail: info@studierendenwerk.uni-siegen.de

Rent and Furniture >

The average monthly rent for a room ranges between approx. EUR 250 and EUR 350 (plus a deposit, equivalent to two months rent).

Rooms are furnished; dishware, cookware and bedding are not included. Different starter sets are offered by the residence administration:

» bedding set, 48 EUR (pillow and pillow case, blanket and blanket case, bed sheet)
» kitchen starter set, 48 EUR (pan, 2 pots, 4-piece cooking utensil set, 2 dinner plates, 2 soup plates, 2 glasses, 2 cups, cutlery
» hand towel, 12 EUR (dark grey)

Visit the website of the Student Services Organiszation (Studierendenwerk Siegen) for further information on buildings, rooms and application.

Rental Agreements >

» International students pay the processing fee of 10 EUR after their arrival.
» Rooms can only be rented for whole months.
» The minimum rental period in Student residence of the Studierendenwerk Siegen is three months.
» Rental leases are issued after receipt of payment. Please follow the instructions of the Studierendenwerk Siegen!
» Check-in is possible during the opening hours of the Studierendenwerk or upon appointment.

Private Residence Halls

Apart from residence halls provided by the Student Services Organization Siegen (Studierendenwerk Siegen) there are privately owned residence halls in Siegen. You find information on application and housing on the website of the respective provider.

Private Accommodation

Many students live in apartments in Siegen or Siegen districts. Rooms or apartments are rented furnished or unfurnished.

The cheapest way to rent privately is to share an apartment. A shared apartment is usually referred to as Wohngemeinschaft (WG). You have your own bedroom and shared kitchen, living and bathroom areas. The rent for the apartment and the charges for utilities are split between all tenants.

A so-called Einzimmerwohnung may refer to either a studio apartment, that is, a one-room unit with kitchen appliances and a separate bathroom, or a one-bedroom apartment that usually includes a separate kitchen or kitchen area and a bathroom. Charges for utilities are usually not included in the rent.

Search engines for shared apartments >

» Studentisches Wohnen in Siegen
» wg-gesucht.de
» HousingAnywhere
» immowelt.de
» eBay Kleinanzeigen

Classified ads in newspapers >

» Siegener Zeitung
» Westfälische Rundschau

Temporary Accommodation

If you have not found an accommodation at the beginning of your studies, or if you plan to stay only for a short period, you can also take a room in a youth hostel, a hotel or a guesthouse in Siegen city or region, or rent a private temporary accommodation.

Make sure to check the distance to city center and your campus as well as bus and train connections!

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