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How to get to Siegen


Frankfurt/Main (FRA)
Students arriving by plane at Frankfurt/Main Airport (FRA) take the city train (S-Bahn) to Frankfurt main station (Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof) leaving from the station in Terminal 1. From Frankfurt main station there are regular train services to Siegen. Please note that a change of trains might be required in Gießen.
There are also long distance buses leaving from Frankfurt airport and Frankfurt main station to Siegen.

Students arriving at the airport in Cologne/Bonn (CGN) take a regional train to Troisdorf or Cologne main station (Köln Hauptbahnhof) and change trains to Siegen.
There are also long distance buses leaving from airport Cologne/Bonn to Siegen.

Dusseldorf (DUS)
Students arriving at Dusseldorf Airport DUS (Flughafen Düsseldorf) take a train to Hagen or Cologne main station (Köln Hauptbahnhof) and change trains to Siegen.
There are also long distance buses leaving from Dusseldorf airport and Dusseldorf main station to Siegen.

Train Connections 

Siegen Main Station can be easily accessed from the main airports. You can buy train tickets at the station (counter or ticket machine) or online in advance. For payment options, departure times and train arrivals visit Deutsche Bahn.

Main Railroad Lines to Siegen
» Essen – Hagen – Siegen (Weidenau)
» Cologne – Siegen
» Frankfurt – Giessen – Siegen

Long Distance Bus Services 

Apart from trains there are several long distance bus services usually leaving from or close to regional airports and/or train stations. Ticket prices may vary depending on provider, day of the week, and spots available. The bus stop in Siegen is located close to the Siegen train station at Koblenzer Str. 43. Check the list of long distance bus services or online comparison portals.

Long Distance Bus Services to Siegen
» eurolines
» flixbus (incl. meinfernbus, postbus)


Local Bus Services

Local buses offer a frequent and convenient way to travel to all campuses of the University of Siegen. Different services connect our campuses in Siegen and Siegen-Weidenau. Buses only stop at designated bus stops, they do not stop on request between bus stops.
Before you receive your semester ticket / USiCard, you buy a ticket from the driver (one way fare, one or seven day pass). A university bus app (USi Bus) is available for android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Check your campus and choose the route accordingly. Please note that bus schedules change during lecture-free time.

Information on Schedules, Routes, and Bus Stops in Siegen

  • Verkehrsbetriebe Westfalen-Süd VWS
  • Verkehrsgemeinschaft Westfalen-Süd VGWS
Useful Apps


Bus Services to Uni

Campus Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR), Hölderlinstraße (H) and Paul-Bonatz-Campus (PB) are located in Siegen-Weidenau on Haardter Berg. The Language Center is at the foot of the Haardter Berg on Weidenauer Str./Brückenstraße (WS).
Emmy-Noether-Campus (ENC) is located in Siegen (Fischbacher Berg) and the new campus Unteres Schloss (US) is close to Siegen city center and the main train station.

You find an overview of Campus Locations in the City on the university website.

City Bus Lines 

Two city bus lines (Citybuslinie, C) connect Siegen bus station (Siegen ZOB) or Weidenau bus station (Weidenau ZOB) and the campuses during lecture period and lecture-free period:

» C106: Siegen ZOB – Engsbachstr.– Weidenau ZOB – AR (Adolf-Reichwein-Str.)
» C111: Siegen ZOB – Weidenau ZOB – AR (Universität Robert-Schuhmann-Str.)

University Express Lines 

During lecture period there are additional university express lines (UniExpresslinie, UX) to the train stations and campuses:

» UX1: Siegen ZOB – AR (Adolf-Reichwein-Str.)
» UX2: Weidenau ZOB – AR (Adolf-Reichwein-Str.)
» UX4: ENC – WS (Brückenstraße) – H – AR (Robert-Schumann-Str.)
» UX5:Langholdinghausen – H – AR (Robert-Schumann-Str.)
» UX6: Siegen ZOB – US (Kölner Tor) – WS (Brückenstraße) – H – AR (Robert-Schumann-Str.)



Students of the University of Siegen receive their USiCard after their registration. The USiCard is the electronical student ID card of the University of Siegen. It is also valid as an electronic semester ticket. You can find more information about the USiCard here. 

The City of Siegen offers a one-time refund for the costs of the semester ticket to students who register their main residence in Siegen. Please refer to the AStA for further information.

Duration of Validity

Similar to a credit card, the card will be valid for 5 years. During this time, it does not need to be validated or exchanged. However, you must re-register for each semester by paying the semester fee to keep the card activated.
As soon as the validity of your USiCard has expired, you will receive you a new USiCard free of charge and automatically a new USiCard with a validity of another 5 years by mail. Should you exmatriculate, the USiCard loses its validity on the date of exmatriculation. You can leave the USiCard in your possession afterwards.

Area of Validity 

During the semester the USiCard can be used in Siegen and in the entire federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia for city buses and regional buses, light rail and suburban trains as well as underground trains, regional trains (RB) and regional express trains (RE). Long-distance buses, InterCity trains (IC) and InterCityExpress trains (ICE) are not included. On the AStA website you will find further information on the area of validity.

Please note that the USiCard is only valid upon presentation of an identity card or passport. 

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