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Selected publications
1. Popp, D. & Centler, F. μbialSim: Constraint-Based Dynamic Simulation of Complex Microbiomes. Frontiers Bioeng Biotechnology 8, 574 (2020).
2. Becker, D., Popp, D., Harms, H. & Centler, F. A Modular Metagenomics Pipeline Allowing for the Inclusion of Prior Knowledge Using the Example of Anaerobic Digestion. Microorg 8, 669 (2020).
3. Weinrich, S., Koch, S., Bonk, F., Popp, D., Benndorf, D., Klamt, S., Centler, F. Augmenting biogas process modeling by resolving intracellular metabolic activity. Frontiers Microbiol 10, (2019). 
4. Centler, F., Günnigmann, S., Fetzer, I. & Wendeberg, A. Keystone Species and Modularity in Microbial Hydrocarbon Degradation Uncovered by Network Analysis and Association Rule Mining. Microorg 8, 190 (2020).
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