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Prof. Dr. Angela Schorr


Homepage Media Psychology and Educational Psychology










Office hours:

Consultation hours can be arranged flexibly by email.


Mailing address (German):

Prof. Dr. Angela Schorr
Institut für Psychologie
Medienpsychologisches Labor
Fakultät II, Universität Siegen
Hölderlinstrasse 3
57076 Siegen, Germany



Prof. Dr. Angela Schorr
Institute of Psychology
Media Psychology Lab
Faculty II, University of Siegen
Hoelderlinstrasse 3
57076 Siegen, Germany


Short Curriculum Vitae

Since 2000
University professor (full professor) for media psychology and educational psychology at the University of Siegen
1997 After temporary professorships in Munich and Düsseldorf, appointment as an associate professor (tenure) at the University of Eichstaett
Habilitation with the Venia Legendi for psychology (second doctoral degree)
Academic director, appointed for life (Post-doc since 1982; since 1984 appointed for life) to the Chair for Psychology I/II at the University of Eichstaett; research stays in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, Israel etc.
After research stays in the USA and Great Britain funded by a doctoral scholarship from the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, the doctoral degree was received from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Muenchen
1978 and 1979
Research assistant in the Department of Education at the University of the Armed Forces, Munich; in parallel, psychological practice as a work & organizational psychologist in the Central Human Resources Department of Siemens AG, Wittelsbacherplatz, Munich
After studying psychology at the universities of Cologne and Munich, diploma (equivalent to a master’s degree) in psychology at the Ludwig- Maximilians-University in Munich
Abitur (general qualification for university entrance) at the Cologne-Chorweiler Municipal High School


Further Qualifications

Licensed psychological psychotherapist (cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy)


Activities in scientific societies, professional associations and national/international commissions

Since 2008
Member of the DGPs Commission "Professional ethical guidelines for dealing with the media"
Since 1995
Chairwoman of the German Society for Media Effects Research (DGMF)
Member and from 2006 chair of the ethics committee of the German Psychological Society
Member of the Internationalization Committee (ICA Standing Committee) of the International Communication Association (ICA)
President of the European Communication Association (ECA, today European Communication and Education Research Association ECREA)
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Test Center (Hogrefe Verlag, Göttingen)
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Leibniz Center for Psychological Information and Documentation at the University of Trier (ZPID)
Chair of the German Psychological Associations Federation
Member of the Executive Council of the European Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA)
Deputy State Chair, Chair of the Clinical Psychology Section, Vice-President & President of the German Association of Professional Psychologists


Current Work and Research Priorities

  • Educational research based on educational psychology (esp. college & university students; young adults)
  • Application and psychological effects of digital media in teaching and learning processes; digital media and teachers training
  • Women and IT; women and digital media
  • Media use and effects in early childhood; childhood and youth media research
  • Health psychology; healthcare communication; eHealth
  • Empathy; Psychological reactance
  • Musical experience & talent; music & health
  • Psychological diagnostics & test development


Organization of Meetings, Conferences and Congresses


“13th Congress of the Health Psychology Division of the German Association of Psychology (DGPs)”; University of Siegen
Title: "Health Psychology 4.0- Conceptual Innovations, Interdisciplinary Perspectives, New Careers" (214 participants)
“Psychoinformatics. Psychology Meets Informatics.International Conference”. Conference management and scientific program: Angela Schorr; Technical direction: Alexander Gorovoj (85 participants); University of Siegen
“European Communication Congress 2003”, also the “4th Conference of the German Society for Media Effects Research (DGMF)”. Joint organizers: European Communication Association (ECA) and German Society for Media Effects Research(DGMF).Program and organization: Angela Schorr (University of Siegen); University of Philosophy, Munich; Sponsors: Verlag de Gruyter, Berlin (210 participants)
“3rd Conference of the German Society for Media Effects Research (DGMF)” on the topic "Media Effects Research 2000", University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart); responsible for program and organization: Michael Schenk (University of Hohenheim); Co-organization: Angela Schorr (DGMF) (180 participants)
“2nd Conference of the German Society for Media Effects Research (DGMF)” on the topic "Media Effects Research before the turn of the millennium - status and perspectives", University of Frankfurt and Boersenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels. Joint organizers: Henning Haase (University of Frankfurt) and Angela Schorr (DGMF), scientific program: Angela Schorr (University of Eichstaett) and Matthias Rath (PH Ludwigsburg). Sponsors: The ZEIT Foundation, the Bertelsmann Foundation, AOL-Europe, the ZDF and the Gruner + Jahr publishing house (230 participants)
"38. Conference of Experimental Psychologists (TeaP '96)”, University of Eichstaett. Organization and program: Angela Schorr (1240 participants); Funding: Volksbank Eichstaett; Eichstaetter Universitätsgesellschaft e.V.
1996 “1st Conference of the German Society for Media Effects Research (DGMF)”on "Media Psychology - Media Effects Research", University of Eichstaett. Organization and program: Angela Schorr (DGMF; 60 participants)
Conference "Current State of the Art and Future Perspectives of Research Methods in Psychology", University of Eichstaett. Organization and program: Angela Schorr; Funding: VW Foundation (110 participants)
"First Conference on the History of Psychology" (at the same time founding meeting of the History of Psychology Division of the German Association of Psychology, DGPs), University of Eichstaett. Organization and program: Angela Schorr and Ernst G. Wehner. Funding: VW Foundation (90 participants)
"13.Congress for Applied Psychology”, University of Bonn. Organization and program: Angela Schorr. Sponsors: German Association of Professional Psychologists (BDP), Hogrefe Verlag as well as other psychology publishers and equipment manufacturers (1,300 participants)


Memberships in Professional Associations

  • Member of the German Association of Psychology (DGPs), Health Psychology Division, Media Psychology Division, Educational Psychology Division, as well as Division of Differential Psychology, Personality Psychology and Psychological Assessment
  • Founding member of the German Association of Behavioral Medicine and Behavioral Modification (DGVM)
  • Member of the European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment (EACLIPT)
  • Founding member of the German Society for Media Effects Research (DGMF)
  • Founding member of the European Communication Association, now the European Research and Education Association (ECREA)
  • Member of the International Council of Psychologists (ICP)
  • Member of the International Society for Research in Emotion (ISRE)
  • Member of the Bavarian Chamber of Psychotherapists


University Committee Work

University of Eichstaett:

  • Office member of the Faculty Council (two terms)
  • Member of the Senate of the University (two terms)
  • Member of numerous appointment commissions: Functions as women’s representative of the Faculty, women’s representative of the University, chair/representative of the University’s scientific staff, member of the University’s Central Budget Committee, member of University of Eichstaett Constitution Committee; member of examination boards etc.

University of Siegen:

  • Member and chairperson of several appointment committees
  • Chair of the Section of Psychology 2013-2016) and Spokeswoman for the Institute of Psychology (2014-2016)
  • Member and Vice Chair of the CIO User Panel / ZIMT
  • Member and Chair of the Media Planning, Development and Consulting Commission (until 2005)
  • Member of the Examination Board of Psychology (2017 - 2019)


Expert Activities

  • From 1996 to 2008, assessment of research proposals to the Ethics Committee of the German Association of Psychology (DGPs); evaluation of research proposals from all German-speaking countries/researchers in foreign countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, North America)
  • Expert reports for various scientific organizations, e.g. for the Science Council (Wissenschaftsrat), for the International Fund for Ireland, the Swiss National Fund etc.
  • Reviewer for the European Commission's 7th Research Program (ICT); Reviewer for Horizon 2020 (ICT; MSCA etc.)
  • Expert reports / evaluation studies for various clients (PRO7; ARD, VOX, Endemol, G.A.T., InLive Interactive GmbH, Westdeutsche Lotterie GmbH, Bertelsmann Buch AG, Süddeutsche Zeitung etc.)
  • Participation in various social policy initiatives, e.g. B. 2008 as part of an expert hearing in the Bundestag on the subject of “online addiction”
  • Expert activity within the scope of the accreditation of scientific courses (ACQUIN)