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Will my achievements abroad be recognized after my return? Many students are worried about recognition before starting an exchange or semester abroad. A learning or study agreement allows you to plan ahead and document the courses abroad and the recognition after return.

Below you find information on how to compile a Learning Agreement or Study Agreement and which documents are important for recognition:

Learning Agreement & Study Agreement

1. Compilation of an Online Learning Agreement or Study Agreement
Learning or Study Agreements are compiled before the start of your studies abroad.

a) Online Learning Agreement
Students participcating in the Erasmus+ Program compile an Online Learning Agreement for Studies via the MoveON Outgoing-Portal of the University of Siegen.
MoveON Outgoing Portal
• OLA Info-Sheet
OLA Guidelines 
OLA Procedure Arts and Humanities (I)

b) Study Agreement
Students who plan a Global Exchange or semester abroad use our template to document planned courses at the host institution and options for recognition after their return.  
Template Study Agreement
Guidelines Study Agreement
Requirements for Arts and Humanities (I)

Icon Important IMPORTANT
Students participating in the Erasmus+ program or the Global Exchange Program are required to complete courses worth at least 15 ECTS at the partner university abroad!

2. Approval by Home Institutaion
Recognition towards the degree program at the University of Siegen is reviewed and confirmed by the respective school or department. The Online Learning Agreement is digitally approved by the designated OLA contact. The Study Agreement is signed by the respective contact person.

Contact Persons for Online Learning Agreements:
List of Designated OLA Contacts

Contact Persons for Study Agreements:
Teacher training: Subject advisory service ZLB
Faculty I: Contact persons for crediting
Faculty II: Student Advisory Service
Faculty III: International Affairs Officials & Academic Advisors
Faculty IV: Departmental Coordinators
Faculty V: Deanery

3. Approval by Host Institution
The host institution reviews the planned courses and confirms the course list. The Online Learning Agreement is automatically shared with the partner institution once confirmed by the University of Siegen. The partially approved Study Agreement must be sent by email to the respective contact person abroad.

4. Documentation at the International Office
Students who participate in the Erasmus+ Program or the Global Exchange program of the University of Siegen, must submit the completed Learning Agreement or Study Agreement (worth at least 15 ECTS per semester!) at the Department International Student Affairs  (ISA).

5. Changes to the Agreement
Changes to the Online Learning Agreement or Study Agreement are possible and must be documented and approved by all parties (students, home institution, host institution) within four weeks after the start of the studies abroad.

Transcript of Records of the host university

The Transcript of Records is issued by the host institution after the end of the studies abroad. The document includes information on the study programme completed by the student, the credits and grades which have been achieved (at least 15 ECTS per semester!).

Certificate of Recognition from the University of Siegen

The students submit the Learning Agreement or Study Plan and the Transcript of Records to the Examination Office .
The recognised study programme is confirmed by the University of Siegen in the certificate of recognition. The proof of recognition is provided e.g. in the form of a "Leistungsübersicht" from unisono.

In case of complaints about recognition, students first contact the Department International Student Affairs. If recognition is refused as agreed in the learning agreement, a review of the decision can be requested by the Rectorate, which can make a recommendation to the relevant examination board. Furthermore, there is the possibility of a formal appeal procedure.

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