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DAAD Language Certificates

DAAD Language Certificates


The Language Center issues DAAD language certificates for all languages taught here. DAAD certificates are often required for applications abroad (study visits, internships). To find out which language level is required and whether the DAAD language certificate is accepted, please contact the respective programme, the chosen university or the institution offering the internship. Detailed information and advice on stays abroad can be obtained from the International Student Affairs department.

On the DAAD homepage, you can view the forms for the language certificate in advance: https://www2.daad.de/medien/ausland/dokumente/daad-sprachnachweis_deutsche.pdf.

At the Language Center of the University of Siegen, the three areas of competence, oral interaction, reading, and writing, are tested according to an internal standardised procedure.

For English, the test consists of the following parts:

  • Reading competence and global language competence: OnSet placement test (computer-based C-test): 40 min.
  • Written expression: Academic essay on a general topic: 400-500 words, 45 min.
  • Oral examination (conducted by the English coordinator): 10-15 minutes, interview on the planned stay abroad (plans, goals, expectations, professional / subject-specialist aspects)

The next test will take place on 14th January 2022 10:30am (face-to-face).

Registration by e-mail only to: sprachenzentrum@spz.uni-siegen.de