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Governance Board

The Governance Board is part of the integrated developed comprehensive Quality Management System of the ranges of performance Studies/Teaching, Research, Service/ Administration and Management/Governance and is arranged for a critical-constructive view concerning the structures and processes of the central management levels. It is activating consistently the willingness for further development and is proposing concrete suggestions with regard to content for supporting and facilitating the process of development. The university of Siegen has stipulated quality objectives for the range of performance Governance/ Management in terms of a negotiated agreement as quality standards. They refer to the university management as well as to the management levels in the faculties, central facilities, the administration etc.

The members of the Governance Board

are internationally accepted personalities with global expertise – not only in the in the management of a university:

  • Professor Doctor Karl Joachim Ebeling - former President of the University of Ulm and former Director of Research at Infineon
  • Esa Hämäläinen - Head of administration of the University of Helsinki, former member in OECD IMHAE – Governing Board
  • Professor Doctor Ursula Nelles - former Head of Administration of the University of Münster and member of the association of lawyers.
  • Professor Doctor Jo Ritzen - former President of the University of Maastricht, former Minister for education, culture and science in the Netherlands, former Vice President of the World Bank
  • Professor Doctor Hanns H. Seidler - former Head of Administration of the Technical University of Darmstadt und former Executive Board of the Centre for Management of Science Speyer.


So far the following subjects have been treated:

  • Structure and tasks of the Governance Board
  • The budgeting model of the University of Siegen
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