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The rectorate of the university of Siegen established a Quality Management System (QMS) which is adjusted to the structures, resources and conditions of the university of Siegen.

With the introduction of the QMA both the rectorate as well as the faculties strive for a quality culture which is established on consultation, transparency, co-management and shared responsibility. The QMS is understood as a multi-perspective audit which guarantees the basic functions like “governance”, “quality development” and “quality assurance”. Due to the features of the QMS a high governance quality for the management levels and a high working quality for the employees of the university is assured.

The majority of the backup processes is reserved for the steering boards (steering committee QM, senate commission for studies and teaching), the faculties and the teaching professions. By means of the measure “Mixed Audition” there is a focus on internal as well as external competence with the result that the aspect of an objective, independent evaluation of structures, processes and working results is considered.

The Accreditation Council has authorised the university by means of the experimentation clause to the project “European Quality Audit (EQA)” which can assume the function of a “Mixed Audition”. For the period of the experiment the university of Siegen is enjoying the same rights as a system-accredited university