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A demand-oriented approach saves widely defined work-intensive and resource-intensive evaluations. With the introduction of the Quality Management System (QMS) of the Universität Siegen, the rectorate as well as the faculties are striving for a university culture which is established on advice, transparency, co-management and co-responsibility.

This QM-approach demands apart from the university committees and institutions that as many university members as possible provide their input in the QMS. Involving internal competences describes a basic idea which is completed by external expertise.

For ensuring the system and process quality over the long term and therefore implementing a structure which is available permanently, the university of Siegen is forming an integrated system of multiple perspectives (consisting of Governance, research, teaching, service/ administration and transfer).

The term “of multiple perspectives” has been chosen as the used audit format shall service three perspectives:

  •  the perspective of the target ranges of a problem – as cross-sectional QM, as area specific QM, as QM in the faculties and in the teaching profession
  • the perspective of the quality of problem solving – as practice suitability and as sustainability
  •  the perspective of the audit subject – as structures, processes, addressees, resources, legal issues and something else as well as combination of audit subjects. 

Problems should be identified and proposals for solutions should be developed, which will be checked according to effectiveness and sustainability. The basic idea is the fact that the quality management will only functions in independent universities if the necessary trust and quality culture is supported and is not based on distrust and control. 

In the central activity areas there are established Senate Commissions in which the significant stakeholders are consulting current problems and need for action. For university and cross-sectional action required the Steering Committee QM is responsible.

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