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General information about the USiCard

What functions does my USiCard have?

The USiCard not only replaces the previous semester ticket and the student ID card, which you previously received in paper form after re-registration in paper form. The USiCard also offers you the possibility to use it as a library card after activation in the university library (please find further information regarding this activation on https://www.ub.uni-siegen.de/index.php?id=bibliotheksausweis). the university library as a library card. You can use the USiCard to identify yourself as a student in many places. student in many places (however, it is not a substitute for your identity card!).

What other functions are planned?

Other technical features and the possibility to use the card as a European Student Card (ESC). are currently being planned. You will be informed about further You will be informed about further functionalities in due course.

How long is the USiCard valid?

Similar to a credit card, the card will be valid for 5 years. validity. During this time, it does not need to be validated or exchanged during this time and is therefore sustainable.

As soon as the validity of your USiCard has expired, you will receive you a new USiCard free of charge and automatically a new USiCard with a validity of another 5 years. 5 years by mail. Should you exmatriculate, the USiCard loses its validity on the date of exmatriculation. loses its validity on the date of exmatriculation. You can leave the USiCard in your possession afterwards.

Where can I get study certificates in paper form?

Your certificate of enrollment for submission to, for example, your health insurance company or the BAFöG office, you can continue to as usual in your unisono portal and print it out.

Why can't I pay with the USiCard in the gastronomic establishments of the       Studierendenwerk?

The card does not contain a payment function, as for example the catering establishments of the Studierendenwerk Siegen have several cashless have several cashless options (app "Bluecode", payment via EC card).

What functions are possible when I am on leave?

During leaves of absence, the USiCard can serve as a visual ID for proof that you are a registered student at the University of Siegen. If you are exempt from the semester fee due to the leave of absence, you will not be able to use the USiCard as a semester ticket. The travel authorization will be deactivated for this period.

How much will the USiCard cost me?

The USiCard does not result in any additional costs.