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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerd Förch



E-Mail: gerd.foerch@uni-siegen.de





 curriculum vitae

30.05.1943  Born in Bremen
1963                 “Abitur“ in Bremen (Gymnasium am Leibnizplatz)
1970 Diploma degree in Construction Engineering at Hannover Technical University
1973 Doctorate degree (Dr.-Ing) in Groundwater Hydrology at Hannover Technical University
1967/1968 Chairman of General Students' Committee at Hannover Technical University; further activities: member of senate as student representative (two years), member of senate as representative of research assistants (three years)
1973 First lectureship ”Environment and Society” at Hannover Technical University
1978 Shift into private sector
1978 First employment as expert witness for GTZ in Nepal
1981 - 1988
GAES (DAAD) long-term lecturer for Water Management, Water Engineering and Urban Water Management in Jordan and Egypt
1991 Appointment as chair in Water Management and Pedology at Siegen University
1993 - 1996           
Vice Rector for Teaching and Continuing Education
1995 Foundation of Research Site for Water and Environment (today: Research Institute for Water and Environment)
1996 - 2001 On leave of absence for heading the GTZ project “Water supply Oromia” in Ethiopia
since 1990 Employments as expert witness for different organisations of development cooperation (GTZ, RODECO, AHT, Caritas etc.) in India, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania; organisation of conferences, head of research projects; development of international university collaborations (Ethiopia, East Africa, Laos, Zambia) by means of summer schools, alumni projects, master’s programmes and  technical networks
2009 - 2012          

Managing Director of the Centre for International Capacity Development (CICD)

Since 2009
Board member of the Centre for International Capacity Development (CICD)