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Di. 17.10.2017, Mathematikdidaktisches Kolloquium

Thema: iSTEM as a solution to better connect maths and physics? Referent: Prof. Dr. Mieke de Cock (KU Leuven) , Zeit: 18:00 Uhr, Raum: AH-A 036-039 (Geb. Herrengarten)

Mathematikdidaktisches Kolloquium 


iSTEM as a solution to better connect maths and physics?


Dienstag, den 17. Oktober 2017, um 18:00 Uhr,  Raum AH-A 036-039 (Geb. Herrengarten)


Referent:   Prof. Dr. Mieke de Cock
(KU Leuven)

Abstrakt:  To tackle the perceived lack of relevance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) by students in secondary education, the STEM@school project in Flanders (Belgium) proposed an iSTEM framework (integrated STEM) based on five key principles: 1) integration of STEM learning content, 2) problem-centred learning based on real world problems, 3) inquiry and design based learning, 4) cooperative learning and 5) discipline specific educational research input. Using these five key principles, learning materials are designed and suggestions for teaching are formulated, in close collaboration with teachers. The new curriculum is implemented in about 30 schools and effects both on learning outcomes and attitudes are studied in a quasi-experimental setting by comparing the outcomes between experimental schools and schools using the "traditional" teaching. In this presentation, we will describe and discuss the framework, present some examples of learning materials and discuss the effect of the iSTEM materials on student understanding in mathematics