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Unser Veranstaltungsprogramm für das Sommersemester 2018 finden Sie im Training Room.

Unser Newsletter informiert Sie über das Veranstaltungsprogramm und aktuelle Ausschreibungen. Registrieren Sie sich per E-Mail an anmeldung-hyt@uni-siegen.de

Dr. Daniel Müller (Leiter)
H-C 6308 office
+49 271 740-5079 phone
daniel.mueller@uni-siegen.de email

Dr. Nadine Hoffmann

H-C 6307 office
+49 271 740-5077 phone

Shiny Park, MBA

H-C 6306 office
+49 271 740-2733 phone
shiny.park@uni-siegen.de email

Dr. Jan Söhlke

H-C 6306 office
+49 271 740-5189 phone
jan.soehlke@uni-siegen.de email 

Offene Sprechstunde/open consultation:

Mi/Wed 10-12 h

Call for Applications

Finanzielle Förderung

Each semester the University of Siegen's House of Young Talents (HYT) offers scholarships for academics at the beginning of their masters or doctoral degree.

A scholarship at the HYT Academy includes monthly funding, an annual budget for activitites and purchases related to the degree as well as an interdisciplinary colloquium.

Call for application ends 17 June 2018.

Applications for a master scholarship should be directed to masterstipendien-hyt@uni-siegen.de, those for a PhD scholarship to promotionsstipendien-hyt@uni-siegen.de.

The award guidelines can be found here. (in German)

If you have further questions regarding the HYT Academy, please refer to our FAQs.


Illustration: Brian Jackson