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International Student Affairs (ISA)

The International Student Affairs (ISA) department (in future International Office) will be the contact for questions of international study, international student mobility and liasons to partner universities worldwide.

Our Tasks

  • Support of international graduate and post-graduate students
  • Coordination of a network to support foreign students at the University of Siegen
  • Couselling and support of international exchange students
  • Contact management and establishment of foreign partners for international student mobility
  • University Coordination ERASMUS + Key Action I
  • Advice on foreign stays (semester abroad, language support, internships, ...)
  • Placement of Siegen students abroad: consulting on scholarship programs, learning agreements and transcripts of records
  • Lecturer and employee mobilities within the framework of ERASMUS + Key Action I
  • Management of third-party and scholarship programs: DAAD-STIBET I, DAAD-STIBET III, Matching Funds, DAAD-PROMOS, DAAD-Junior Engeneer Program, special programs