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PHIL: International Affairs

Welcome to the Homepage of PHIL: International Affairs

Here you will find the following information:

  • consultation and information about all matters concerning studying abroad (Outgoings)
  • consultation and information about all matters concerning studying at Faculty I (Incomings) 
  • international study programmes and projects at Faculty I

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Luz Elisabeth Pacas Castro, M.A.

Room: AR-IF 014
Phone: +49 0271 740 3970
E-Mail: pacas@phil.uni-siegen.de
Consultation Hours (Studies Abroad and
Students from the M.A. Roads to Democracies)
Tuesday: 13-15
Thursday: 9-11
Online Appointment Registration
Room: AR-IF 014


Katharina Jabs, M.A.

Room: AR-IF 015
Phone: +49-(0)271-740-2330
E-Mail: jabs@phil.uni-siegen.de
Consultation Hours (MAX-Mentoring;
Attestation of International Qualifications; Studies Abroad):
 Thursday: 10-12
Online Appointment Registration