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Past courses

at the University of Siegen


M.A. LectureStatistics II
 M.A. Seminar Welfare States in International Comparison*
 2017M.A. Seminar Family, Education, and the Labour Market*
 2016B.A. Seminar
Sociology of Health and the Healthcare System
 B.A. Seminar
Welfare States in International Comparison*
 2015B.A. Seminar Social Stratification and Inequality*
 2014B.A. Seminar
Health Inequality: Theory, Methods, and Practice
 2010B.A. Seminar
Health Inequality in Old Age

at the University of Mannheim

2010B.A. SeminarHealth Inequality in International Comparison
2009B.A. Seminar Social Theory and Institutional Analysis*

* in English.


Supervised Theses


Bachelor theses

Janina Grewe, Physical and mental health of employees. How can workplace health promotion increase the general health status of employees, University of Siegen, 2018.

Tabea Schäfer, Unemployment and mental health - Consequences of unemployment for the mental health with a special focus on clinical depression, University of Siegen, 2018.

Laura Krämer, Stressors at the workplace - the pneumological hospital department as an example, Universität Siegen, 2017.


Master theses

Stephan Krayter (MA Sozialwissenschaften), Psychologisation of the workplace - a study of work-related mental problems in the digitalised worklife, University of Siegen, 2018.

Polina Fischer (MA Roads to Democracy(ies)), Trends in Gender Role Orientations in Germany and Russia, Universität Siegen, 2018.