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University Wide Projects

Health Management

Proposals are being developed on how an improved and target-group specific perception of health management can be achieved. Existing offers are evaluated and continued after positive evaluation. The project group then develops the cornerstones of a health management system for the University of Siegen. In this step, all health-oriented offers are summarized. On the basis of the recommendations of the project group, the university management then decides on the final form, the health management of the University of Siegen should take.

Contact: Sabine Tröster-Müller


ZEUS – Central Evaluation Project of the University of Siegen

ZEUS has defined measures, structures, and procedures that foster quality improvement of the administrative campus management. In addition, new criteria for self perception, in terms of quality have been developed, which are made more tangible for users by firm commitments of service by the university administration.


Unisono - University of Siegen Organized Online

"Unisono" is the name of the new web-based campus management system of the University of Siegen. The new software replaces successive systems such as LSF and POS, and integrates all functionalities via a common database into one interface.


LINUS - Shaping the Future of Teaching Individually and with Social Responsibility

With the LINUS concept, the University of Siegen has successfully participated in the first competition round of the nationwide "Quality of Teaching" program, within the framework of the quality pact "Teaching". The structural program serves to improve study conditions and success rate.