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Campus Hölderlinstraße (H)

Sitemap H RGB July 2018

Access by bus and train:

Take bus routes C106, C111 or UX3 in the direction of "Universität/Haardter Berg". Get off at the stop "Hölderlinstraße".


Access by car:

Leave the motorway (B54 / B62) at “Siegen-Weidenau”, and continue in the direction of “Netphen”. At the second set of lights, turn left into “Am Eichenhang”. At the second set of lights, turn right into ”Wilhelm von Humboldt-Platz“. Before the next set of lights, turn left into “Walter-Gropius-Weg”. Follow this street to the end. The car park on the other side of the street can easily be seen. To get to the Hölderlin campus, walk back along “Walter-Gropius-Weg” and cross the street at the lights. Then follow the footpath towards the Hölderlin campus building.


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If you require the print versions of the site maps of the University of Siegen, please refere to the Executive Department for Press, Communication and Marketing.



Hölderlinstraße 3
57076 Siegen