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Alumni helping students - share your experience and knowledge

The University of Siegen network lives from the experience of its members. The university and especially the students benefit from your professional and practical experience!

  • Are you an expert in a particular area?
  • Would you like to provide insights and experiences from your professional life with future generations?
  • Are you interested in current developments at the university?
  • Would you like to help shape campus life?

Find out here how you can help others by sharing your diverse range of experiences from your studies and career while also expanding your personal network.


Engage with the university by being a guest speaker or contributor to workshops or arranging workplace tours

Support current students by sharing insights from your professional experience. This could be through workshops, presentations or discussion groups. Make yourself available as an expert to answer questions about professional orientation and starting a career. By doing so, you will receive insights into current developments in research and teaching at your university.

You can share your wealth of experience with current students in various ways. For example by participating at the alumni forum as a speaker, or as a guest in our studio: A events - our panel discussions with alumni. There is also the possibility to pass on your knowledge in the form of a workshop at our annual Alumni Career Day or to offer a guided tour of the company in which you work, thus providing special insights into workplace practices.

In all of our events you are able to exchange ideas with students in a relaxed atmosphere and to develop new ideas and perspectives together. Last, but not least, you will be able to get to know students who are potential new employees at your workplace and spur on their personal and career development. The university, and the students in particular, will benefit greatly from your personal and professional experience as an expert!

Talk to us and share your experiences!

We look forward to your engagement!

Please feel free to contact us.

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