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Networking is becoming ever more important. Whether in professional or private life, a well-connected network of contacts to persons and institutions forms the basis for success and effective action. The alumni association sees itself as a major point of convergence within the university network where alumni, students, instructors, departments and their specific alumni associations can connect.

The international network

Contacts abroad and for people from foreign countries. With special programs, we are developing a large-scale, multidisciplinary alumni network that also extends beyond national borders.


Among three other universities and six extramural research facilities, the University of Siegen was awarded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for its extraordinary concepts and its research alumni-strategies.

Program 'Forscher-Alumni': The Alumniverbund and the department of international services jointly organise a platform for exchange and networking of guest researchers, alumni and scientists of the University of Siegen including several offers.

The departments and alumni associations

The individual departments and their alumni associations are integrated into this major network. The general alumni association supports their activities. Through the departments, you can maintain close connections with your field.

The alumni regional groups

In addition to networking in departments and associations, we also bring you into regional groups at home and abroad. We are currently building groups in Berlin, Hamburg and China with contact persons from our network. Further groups in the regions Rhine / Main and Cologne / Bonn are planned.

The online network

Through the “Who is Who” database of our online alumni portal, you can make and maintain contacts. The prerequisite for using the database is that you, as an alumnus/a, a student, a former or current staff member, are registered in the alumni directory and are thus part of the university’s alumni network.

Our network partners

The alumni association perceives itself as a network of networks. It provides the alumni with a platform for exchanging information and maintaining contact with their university. Interconnections between departmental groups are also established. The alumni association’s partnerships with other networks ensure an efficient exchange of information.
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