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.the international network

welcome, bienvenue, bienvenido, bem-vindo, benvenuto, mile widziany, hosgeldiniz, welkom, välkommen, hoşgeldiniz, aksil ak jam, pé zehlechi...

The University of Siegen is especially interested in maintaining contact with those alumni from abroad and in extending the alumni network beyond national borders. Special projects and services are geared toward promoting international cooperation and intercultural communication. Foreign students are also cordially invited to become members of this international network!

Keep in touch

We search for our alumni all over the world! What has become of you? Where did you end up?
  • Here you can register in the alumni directory

Programs for intercultural communication

Studied at Siegen, Alumni Network:
  • Portraits provide a brief look more

International knowledge transfer:
  • Exchange forum in Siegen more

Pass on your experiences:
  • Become a mentor more

Orientation guide:
  • Become a mentee more

Current information from Siegen

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