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.international mentoring program

The international mentoring program is part of a career mentoring program called „Siegen im Tandem“ and is focused on students and alumni from abroad.

As mentors, foreign alumni can provide services that go beyond the general benefits of mentoring by advising both German and foreign students on issues such as working abroad or returning to work in your home country. At the same time, the alumni themselves remain in close contact with their former university and are well-informed about new developments in teaching and research.

In this way, both German and foreign students can find out about their specific career perspectives abroad or in their home country and can start developing networks at an early date.

Guidelines / orientation to success

Mentoring is a people-oriented, mutual learning process. Reciprocal respect and goodwill provide the basis for openness and trust. A sense of commitment and a certain consistency should be readily apparent and make the tandem a success.

The procedure

Questionnaires are used to determine occupational profiles, courses of training, and underlying conceptions for tandems consisting of mentors and mentees.
Based on the criteria specified in the questionnaires, mentors and mentees are matched to form a tandem.
Tandem design
Mentor and mentee are free to design their tandem with respect to the scope and content of the mentoring to be done in accordance with their own conceptions.
Support from the alumni association
At regular intervals, we give the tandems opportunities to consult us on how the mentoring is going. We are glad to provide advice whenever necessary.

Designing content

The mentor has experience, knowledge, and information that can be made accessible to the mentee in various ways. One form of cooperation could be arranging work placements or suggesting contacts. In some cases, the continuous professional relationship can develop into counselling that helps the student throughout his or her entire course of studies or can provide help on how to write a thesis. Each mentoring tandem is designed in an individual way, depending on the specific availability, needs, and expectations of the tandem members.

Mentor and mentee design the mentoring process together!
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