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.siegen in tandem

The career mentoring programme „Siegen in tandem“ is on offer for all the students, degree holders and alumni of the University of Siegen. Professionally experienced alumni (mentors) are the driving force in a tandem with students or degree holders (mentee): in a one to one relationship, the experienced mentor supports the mentees in preparing in advance for their future career as well as the transition from study to work.

Also linked to this programme is the focus on the international element, where the mentor and mentee can be matched to meet the criteria of international exchange.

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The Principles - The Recipe for Success

Mentoring is a personal and mutual learning process. Mutual respect and goodwill are the basis for trustfulness and forthrightness. Commitment and regularity should be self-evident and bring success to this tandem.

The process

The scheduling phase
Using questionnaires the professional profiles, training method and expectations of the mentor and mentee will be identified.
Based on their expectations suitable mentors and mentees will be brought together.
Tandem Organisation
Mentors and mentees organize the scope, the organisation and the topics of your tandem according to their own wishes.
Support of the Alumni association
We regularly offer the tandems the possibility to exchange information and are available to give advice at any time.

The Organisation

The mentor at their knowledge is available to the mentee. This can take various forms. For example, visiting the mentor’s workplace or arranging internship placement are just an example of the cooperation possible. A continuous professional exchange can sometimes develop for mentoring within studies or in the completion of a dissertation or diploma thesis.

The organisation of the mentoring–tandem is individual and based on the respective possibilities and expectations of the tandem-partner.

Next Matching

Currently tandems are matched continuously. Interested students are welcome to contact us for scheduling a date for a counseling interview by email to padberg@alumni.uni-siegen.de
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Gesichter und Stimmen zum Mentoring