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faculty focus on inclusion



The faculty's focus on inclusion

.... is aimed at all degree programs in Architecture, Teaching, Social Work and Development and Inclusion and interested individuals and represents a cross-curricular curriculum. Students majoring in this area will be enabled to reflect on theory and practice in approaching the challenges of isolation and to develop strategies for inclusion. By incorporating multidisciplinary perspectives in the context of inclusion, students and those interested have the opportunity to set and deepen this focus in their studies.

.... concretizes the university's maxim " Creating the future in a humane way". In the research specialization "inclusion", the departments represented in the faculty are interconnected in order to take a multi-perspective look at the discussion: e.g. via cultural education, by means of supporting pedagogy, as a (socio-)spatial strategy, etc. This broader view of inclusion, including spatial and cultural perspectives, is thus a special characteristic of the faculty.

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