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Mission Statement

spiegelThe research mission of the institute is to explore how chemical processes work on microscopic and nanoscopic length scales and at interfaces, to develop novel materials, methods and systems for micro- and nanochemistry, and to apply this knowledge to design novel sensory interfaces and approaches for diagnostics, e.g. for the detection of bacterial and fungal contaminations. The goal of the institute is to focus and strengthen the expertise in the fields of micro- and nanochemistry, sensor development and new materials, which is concentrated in the School of Science and Technology at the University of Siegen within different research groups in the Science and Engineering departments.


gruppeIn the institute, groups work together in a stimulating environment, sharing their competences, facilities, and creativity. A prominent activity of is currently to merge micro- and nanochemistry, new materials and biointerfaces. In this context, major research efforts are being made to design, construct and investigate fundamentals, components and integrated systems for the efficient and rapid diagnostics of bacterial and fungal contaminations.