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Counseling in case of discrimination

The Equal Opportunities Officer advises and supports employees and students of the University of Siegen in all matters of equal opportunity.

Problems can be discussed and strategies for solutions developed in a confidential meeting. If necessary, the Equal Opportunities Officer will represent your interests to the university management, the school or your superiors. Please make an appointment with us.

Problems at the place of work

Persistent problems at the place of work (esp. mobbing) are a heavy burden and should not be played down or suppressed.

If you feel you are a victim of bullying or discrimination, first try to have an open conversation in private. If such a conversation is not possible, involve a trusted person who can clarify with you whether bullying is taking place and what the first steps in dealing with the situation might be.

If you are affected by permanent conflicts at the workstation, such as bullying, you can seek advice and support from the university's Equal Opportunities Officer. The counseling is, of course, strictly confidential.

Sexual harassment and violence

Sexual harassment, discrimination and violence are widespread in society and are therefore also a recurring part of everyday life at the university. Even though sexual assaults and tolerance-limit violations can significantly affect the mental and physical health of those affected, they are often trivialized or kept quiet altogether.

If you are or have been affected by sexual discrimination, harassment and/or violence within the university, you can get advice and support directly from the Equal Opportunities Officer of the University of Siegen. The counseling is, of course, strictly confidential and, if desired, anonymous.

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