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Unsere offene Sprechstunde entfällt bis auf Weiteres. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns per E-Mail (info-hyt@uni-siegen.de).

Dr. Daniel Müller (Leiter)
H-C 6331/2
+49 271 740-5079

Dr. Friederike Brodhun
H-C 6306
+49 271 740-2555

Titia Hensel M.A.
H-C 6306
+49 271 740-2733

Linda Hilkenbach
H-C 6308
+49 271 740-5505

Dr. Marcus Niechciol
H-C 6308
+49 271 740-2502

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Scholarship Recipients' Council

The scholarship recipients' council is the representation of the scholarship recipients of the HYT Young Academy. It consists of two representatives of the master's students and two representatives of the doctoral researchers, who are elected annually. The members of the scholarship recipients' council meet regularly with the team of the House of Yount Talents and are important contact persons e.g. for the planning of the semester programme of the Young Academy. The scholarship recipients of the Young Academy can contact the members of the council at all times with their concerns (problems, wishes, suggestions).

The members of the scholarship recipients' council can be contacted through the following e-mail address:

The elected members of the scholarship recipients' council for the election period 2020/2021 are:
Sabrina-Maria Anderson (Master's student)
Sabrina has been a scholarship recipient since October 2020 and is studying the Roads to Democracy(ies) programme. Her academic interests are identity, Black and post-colonial feminism, race and gender politics. In August 2020 Sabrina founded BIPOC Society at Siegen University – an autonomous student community committed to racial representation and equality for Black and Indigenous people and people of colour (BIPOC). She is also a student assistant, teaching English at the Languace Center, and supporting both professors and students in Faculty I. Sabrina likes to engage in political work in her free time and also enjoys writing poetry, hiking and playing badminton.
Aysha Awan (Doctoral researcher)
Aysha is an international student from Pakistan, she did her Masters in Chemistry at the University of Siegen. Now she is doing her PhD in Physical Chemistry and is a scholarship recipient at the House of Young Talents since April 2020. Her PhD research is focused on the fabrication of multiplexed bacterial biosensors based on porous silicon resonant microcavities. In her free time, she likes to read books, watch documentaries, doing sports, travelling and listening to music.
Marcel Galli (Master's student)
Marcel has been a scholarship recipent at the House of Young Talents since April 2020. He is currently doing his master´s degree in German and European Economic Law in Siegen and is particularly interested in corporate and capital market law as well as contract negotiations. In addition to his studies, Marcel works for a start-up in the field of energy trading as a working student in the legal department. In his free time, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, meeting friends and working towards his goal of visiting every country in the world.
Finja Walsdorff, M.A. (Doctoral researcher)
Finja Walsdorff studied media science in Siegen (University of Siegen) and Tokyo (Keio University). She has been a PhD candidate and scholarship recipient at the House of Young Talents since October 2019. Her PhD thesis focuses on user-generated videogame content. In addition, she works at Siegen’s Institute for Advanced Study (FoKoS) in the field of digital health. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, videogames and traveling.