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Information for Supervisors

If you're inviting an international guest or hiring an international scientist, there are a number of factors to take into account. These include export controls, financing, visa and residence permit applications, local administrative procedures, family situations, providing a workspace, and much more. The Welcome Center is on hand to help you address these matters.

It is crucial to contact the Welcome Center early on to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process and to refer any international guests or future employees to us. International researchers can register for our services here. Please note that the export control can take several months, depending on the research area, nationality, and home university. Additionally, depending on the country, you should anticipate a visa application timeline of at least 2–6 months, and finding accommodation may also take some time. If you would like your guest to be accommodated in one of the university's guest flats, it is essential to contact us as early as possible due to the high demand and limited availability of flats.

Please consider the following points:

Export control

The export control must be carried out for all non-EU nationals. If individuals have been living in an EU country for the past five years, it is usually sufficient to provide evidence of this to the Customs Department at the University of Siegen. More information regarding this matter, along with the relevant forms, can be found here.


If the international researcher is not going to be employed by the University of Siegen, it is crucial to confirm that there is funding for the whole duration of their stay. Even in situations where third-party funds will finance the employment, we ask you to ensure that the employment contract's expiry date is not shortly after the start of work. This could not only create considerable uncertainties for the researcher, but may also have implications for their residence status. It is essential to note that it should be determined whether further employment is feasible or not well in advance of the expiry of the contract. This guarantees that there is sufficient time to seek alternative employment if necessary.

For self-funded stays, it is necessary to ensure that individuals have at least € 1,100 available each month (more for stays with family). Sometimes, a blocked account may be necessary. If this is the case, please contact us so that we can work with the Ausländerbehörde [Immigration Office] to confirm the precise amount and requirements.

Visa documents

For the purposes of visa applications, it is often necessary to present an invitation letter from the University of Siegen. The letter should contain the subsequent details:

» Name and date of birth of the guest
» Duration of stay
» Type of funding
» Activity at the university or within the research group
» Confirmation of supervision
» Note that the guest must arrange insurance coverage independently
With an employment contract: liability insurance (if necessary)
Without an employment contract: health insurance, lab insurance (where necessary), liability insurance (possibly included in lab insurance)

Please note that an invitation letter should only be issued after clearance by the Customs Department has been given.

In many cases, a Hosting Agreement must also be provided. Please be aware that the Welcome Center will send the completed Hosting Agreements, as well as export control clearance, and potentially proof of funding, to the Chancellor for signature.


PhD students are eligible to live in one of the student residences run by the Studierendenwerk. In order to apply for student accommodation, they have to be enrolled as a student and should start with their application as early as possible as places are in high demand. Moreover, there is always the possibility to look for flat shares or private accommodation. Please find further information regarding accommodation here.


You will be responsible for workspace arrangements, university accounts, (chip) keys and academic matters. However, our team is happy to help international researchers apply for library cards.

Registering as a student

Please note that it is not possible throughout the whole year to register as a student. Normally the registration period starts around two months before the beginning of the semester and is still possible within the first few weeks. You can find more information regarding this topic here. Please note as well that registration is only possible once the export control has been finalized. The PhD students should in any case register with the Welcome Center.

Finally, please note that in order to re-register for the second semester, an admission letter by the PhD Admissions Board needs to be submitted to the International Registrar's Office.

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