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Laura Yilmaz

Contact by email
AR-SSC 113

Erfahrungsberichte von ehemaligen Local Buddies: 

Wintersemester 2021/22: 

Bericht Nana

Bericht Ivy

Bericht Laura

Bericht Anna

Sommersemester 2021: 

Bericht Louisa

Bericht Vanessa


Buddy Program

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International Buddy Exchange - A great opportunity for both sides!


What is the Buddy Program?

Every year, several hundred international students come to study at the University of Siegen.

As exciting as a stay in an unfamiliar country is, it can bring a varierty of challenges:
Language barriers, new culture and customs and building contacts are some of them.

The Buddy Program serves as a point of contact to help international students find their way around the city and
University of Siegen and to establish contact with local students.

A peer-to-peer offering, encouraging intercultural exchange among student groups.

International students are assigned an experienced local buddy from a higher semester who will be contact person.
This person accompanies students in all questions concerning their studies and everyday life.

During the semester, varies cultural events are organized where the buddy pairs can get to know each other and
exchange ideas.


Who can participate in the program?

All enrolled students of the University of Siegen from the second semester who are interested in intercultural exchange.


! Due to the current situation we are planning the upcoming summer semester 2022 hybrid !


What should I bring along?

- Interest in culture and languages
- Open-mindedness, sociability and commitment
- Support for one or more international students for at least one semester
- Willingness to participate in the introductory session

What are my tasks as a Local Buddy?

- Begin contact before your buddy's arrival (via mail)
- Individual support e.g. Tips about study and leisure (Sport, culture and gastronomy offers)
- Help to find around the city and campus (Important contact points, bus schedules, canteen, library etc.)
- Give suggestions for supermarkets, recommend doctors
- SIM card (compare different providers etc.)

Which tasks are not in my area of ​​responsibility?

- Pick up from the airport (by private transport)
- Financial support
- Giving a place to sleep
- Legal advice
- Official visits, e.g. immigration office
- Closing insurance or bank account

You don't need to be available 24/7!

Benefits of participation:

- Deepening of foreign language skills
- Reflection on one's own culture
- Information about partner universities
- Intercultural sensitization
- Make international friends and establishment of international network
- Certificate of participation for social commitment (plus point for job application)

How long is the participation?

Attendance is mandatory for one semester after registration.
If you would like to remain involved in the Buddy Program, you are welcome to re-register for the next semester and a new student will be assigned to you.

How much time does the Buddy Program take?

This depend on your buddy's individual needs and your personal resources.  
At the beginning of the semester the effort will most likely be greater as most questions will arise.
It is best to consult with each other to avoid disappointments.
You can decide by your own how much time you want to spend with your buddy.

How do I receive my certificate of attendance?

Local Buddies will receive the certificate of attendance by completing the four conditions:

- Participation in the introductory session
- Participation in at least three (digital) events during the semester
- Writing a field report
- Filling out the feedback sheet

Only if all the above points have been covered, we can issue the certificate of attendance on request!

What can I expect in the introductory session?

The introductory event serves as preparation for your tasks as a buddy and you can already get to know other Local Buddies to network.

In addition, you will receive a short introduction to the topic of intercultural sensitization and general questions can be clarified. 

The session will be offered online via zoom this semester.

How can I register?

Please fill out the registration form and send it to: laura.yilmaz@zv.uni-siegen.de.

Registration form for Local Buddies
Registration form for international students

Please note: The registration period for the summer term 2022 is over.
No more registrations will be accepted.

What happens after the registration?

You will receive a confirmation email stating that you will receive another email at the beginning of the semester with your personal buddy and the overview of the joint events.

When will it start?

Wintersemester 2022/23:
Registration has started!
Official start of the program: mid-October 2022
Introductory event: mid-October 2022 online! 


Note: We try to match you as best as possible with a suitable buddy. Whether you get along with your buddy, we can not guarantee!