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You would like your family to join you during your stay in Siegen? In that case, there are a number of additional things that need to be considered. Please get in touch with us early on so that we can support you accordingly.

The first step is to check with the responsible local German mission what visa conditions need to be fulfilled and which documents you will need for your family's visa applications – ideally at the same time as taking care of your own visa application. It is possible that some documents are requested that you will not be able to submit at the point of application, not having moved to Germany yourself yet. If this is the case, please get in touch with the German embassy or consulate and explain your situation. They will be able to give you further information. For information on health insurance for your family, please click here.

If you are traveling with a spouse only, the process should be fairly straight forward, as long as you have prepared all necessary documents. Should you be employed by the University of Siegen and planning to stay for more than 2–3 years, the Dual Career Service will be happy to support your spouse in finding a job. Please note that a good command of German is particularly helpful.

When traveling with a child, there are a number of further things to keep in mind:

Day Care

Places in day care are sought after and not always easy to come by. It is, therefore, essential that you apply for a place for your child early on.
Siegen City Council provides a Kita-Navigator [day care center navigator] to help you find a suitable center for your child and the Siegen-Wittgenstein district offers an online registration service for various child care facilities. Furthermore, there are some child care options at the Adolf-Reichwein-Campus. While these are primarily for student parents, places are also given to children of other members of the University, depending on availability.

At the Studierendenwerk's day care center up to 70 children aged 2–6 are looked after for 35 h or 45 h a week. The Studierendenwerk Siegen also runs the FLEXI [flexible child care facility], which offers flexible child care on a temporary basis and within two-hour slots for children aged six months to ten years.

Further child care options for members of the University are:
»toddlers' group launched by a number of parents
» The University's holiday child care program for children of students and employees of the University


Attending school is compulsory in Germany for children aged 6–15. Tuition at state schools is free of charge, whereas tuition fees are usually charged at private, independent or international schools.

The following portals offer information on the German school system:
» german education server

Information on schools in Siegen and the vicinity can be found here:
» Schools in Siegen
» Schools in Siegen-Wittgenstein

If you are interested in sending your child to a bilingual school, you can find information on the bschool bilingual elementary school in Allenbach here.

Child Benefits

If you are an EU citizen or have a residence permit based on § 18b, § 18c or § 18d you could be eligible to receive Child Benefits. The monthly rate ranges between €219 and €250 (in 2021), depending on the number of children you have. Further information on eligibility and Child Benefits in general can be found on the EURAXESS GERMANY portal and with the Agentur für Arbeit
In general, applications need to be sumitted to the responsible Family Benefits Office [Familienkasse] by post.

For further information and support, please contact the Familienservicebüro [Family Services Office] of the University of Siegen.

Early Detection Examination

Early detection examinations are a way of ensuring that health disorders or abnormalities in the development of your child are detected and treated as soon as possible. The examinations are set to take place at certain stages of development and are, therefore, restricted to certain periods of time. They are free of charge if undertaken within said periods of time. You can find the names of the examinations and the ages at which they are to take place can be found here.

Please bring you child's yellow Kinder-Untersuchungsheft [child health record book], its vaccination card, and its health insurance card.

For further information and support, please contact the Familienservicebüro at the University of Siegen.

The City of Siegen also has numerous offers with regard to living in Siegen with a family. You can find them here (unfortunately only available in German).

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International Researchers

Eva Shirley

Contact by email
AR-SSC 107