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First Steps

Home is where you’re welcome.

The Welcome Center for International Researchers offers support in all non-academic matters to international professors, PhD candidates and postdocs coming to Siegen. This includes support before their stay, after arrival, while living in Siegen and before leaving. We want all international researchers to get settled and feel at home in Siegen as quickly as possible. As soon as you enter the preparation stage of your stay, we invite you to get in touch with us via our contact form.

What are the different steps?

Finding a place as a researcher

You are interested in doing your PhD or being a researcher at the University of Siegen? We can help you with all non-academic matters. But before you register with us, you should make sure you do the following:

» Finding a supervisor or a host
» Financing your stay

Registering with the Welcome Center

The decision to become an international researcher brings a lot of opportunities but, at the same time, some challenges. In Germany, which is well-known for its bureaucracy, this includes many regulations and visits to authorities, to which we can accompany you. This is why you should register with us at an early stage so there is still plenty of time to plan and organize everything. You can find our contact form here.


Before your stay you should deal with the following points:

» If applicable: Registration as PhD student
» Visa and entry regulations
» Accommodation
» If applicable: Planning family matters
» How to get here

On our website you can find more information and we are always happy to give you some advice. Feel free to contact us via or email or Phone.

Registration and getting settled in

Once you have arrived in Siegen, you will need to take a number of administrative steps:

» Registering at the town hall
» Taking out health insurance
» Opening a bank account
» Getting your residence permit

The Welcome Center is also happy to help you with that. We will advise and accompany you to the appointments where needed and provide you with linguistic support.

Life, Research and networking

On our website we offer you information on activities and services offered by the university as well as cultural activities and local culture. Additionally, we are looking forward to getting to know you at our monthly organized events where you can also meet other international researchers from the university in a fun and informal setting. Events are usually family-friendly, low or no cost, and are a great opportunity to see places in Siegen or take part in new activities. You can subscribe to our mailing list via our contact form.

Departure und "See you soon!"

Your stay in Siegen is already coming to an end? Depending on the duration of your stay different pre-departure matters have to be taken care of:

» Canceling your (inurance) contracts
» Contacting your bank
» Deregistering at the town hall

Together we can check what has to been done in your particular case. You can also register as a an alumnus/ae in order to stay in touch and we kindly ask you to fill out our feedback form .

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