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IFOAM is the worldwide umbrella organization for the organic movement. It observes and supports an ecologically, socially and economically balanced and responsible policy. In this capacity IFOAM gives advice to governments, to the EU and to the United Nations. IFOAM leads worldwide congresses and presentations with different topics about organic agriculture. In addition IFOAM has a part in the development of international quality standards and the agricultural legislation of EU.

IFOAM is – despite of its international and political importance - almost unknown in the German-speaking public. The discussion about organic agriculture is mainly not disputed in a global frame. Even in schools the organic economy and the organic agriculture is conveyed as a smallholder niche production, which considerably falls short of the reality. The operational reality and the socio-economical chances of the organic economy are unknown in the public. Also the global network of the organic economy in production and trade aswell as international cooperation betwen organizations (IFOAM, FAO, etc.) and, e.g. their part in the context of certifications, are not known.


There is a necessity for a presentation of the concerns and benefits of IFOAM in the German-speaking public. This is the task of the media studies project seminar of the University of Siegen 'ÖKO:global - organic concepts'. The students broache the issue of public relations and communication management of IFOAM. In cooperation with IFOAM we develop an image campaign and a public relations conception, as well as corresponding communication instruments in consideration of special interests and concerns of the organization. IFOAM as a cooperation partner provides an insight into their work, structure and strategy. We are supported with information and international contacts to plan campaigns and to suggest concrete arrangements. The "Entwicklungsbüro für ökologischen Landbau, Lindenberg" and a team of students has filmd the situation of organic farming in Costa Rica in February and March 2006, these shots were edited in the documentary "Die Welt spricht BIO".