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Outgoing Staff: Europe

Alicia Platt

Contact by email
AR-SSC 113


The programme is open to all researchers at the University of Siegen for guest lectureships abroad, provided that:

  • the employment has lasted for at least half a year on a part-time or full-time basis,
  • the employment continues for at least 4 months after the planned stay,
  • the selection of the stay was agreed in advance within the chair.

Grant rate


Country group 1

max. 1,260 EUR subsistence grant + max. 360 EUR travel grant

Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom (until May 2023)


The duration of the stay is between 2 and 60 days.
The grant is calculated on base rates per day.

The grant is disbursed in two instalments:

- The 1st instalment (70%) is disbursed before the start of the stay.
- The 2nd instalment (30%) is disbursed after the end of the stay.

Country group 2

max. 1,120 EUR subsistence grant + max. 360 EUR travel grant

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain

Reimbursement cases

- If the required documents are not submitted or not submitted on time as agreed in the Grant Agreement, the grant must be reimbursed.
- If the stay does not begin as agreed in the Grant Agreement or is terminated prematurely, the grant must be reimbursed.

Country group 3

max. 980 EUR subsistence grant + max. 360 EUR travel grant

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Northern Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey

Reimbursement procedure

- The Department International Student Affairs will send out a notice giving four weeks to reimburse the amount.
- If no reimbursement is made, the file is passed on to Division 3: Legal and Academic Affairs, which initiates a reminder procedure. A first and a second reminder are sent with two weeks' notice each, followed by enforcement proceedings.


Summer semester 2022

Application deadline 31 July 2022 The Selection Committee (HR & IO) meets within two weeks after the application deadline. Acceptances/rejections are sent out within two weeks after the selection.

Application documents

Selection criteria


- Contents of the teaching programme
- Learning outcomes/competences
- Learning activities and teaching methods
- Planned period of mobility

Teaching plan
Short curriculum vitae
Language skills (English B1 or higher)
Written consent of the supervisor
First mobility before previous mobility(s)

For the 1st instalment

For the 2nd instalment

1) Business travel authorisation

- Researchers complete the Business travel authorisation and have it signed by their supervisor.
- The signed original document is sent to the International Office by in-house post.

1) Travel expense claim

- Researchers complete the Travel expense claim and sign their details.
- No receipts need to be attached for stays under the Erasmus+ programme.
- The signed original document is sent to the International Office together with the original business travel authorisation.

2) Mobility Agreement

- By signing the Mobility Agreement for Teaching, researchers confirm that they will complete the described training programme at the host institution.
- With his/her signature, the supervisor confirms his/her agreement.
- With their signature, the host institution confirms that they will carry out the described training programme with the researcher.
- The signed document is sent to the International Office by e-mail or by in-house post.

2) Testimonial

- The researchers write a report on their experiences, possibly with photos and anonymously if they wish.
- The testimonials are made available on the website to interested researchers.

3) Grant Agreement

- Researchers receive the Grant Agreement by e-mail and print it out.
- They check their personal data and carefully take note of the agreed conditions.
- The signed original document is sent to the International Office by in-house post.

3) Participant Report (EU)

- All researchers receive the link by email.
- The questionnaire is filled out carefully and responsibly.

Please note that so-called non-cash benefits (“geldwerter Vorteil”) must be taxed individually. Should you have lower expenses within the scope of your staff mobility than the lump sums provide for, you may have to pay taxes on the difference individually.