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Travel Preparation and Travel Safety

Re-Registration & Semester on Leave

Students who participate in an exchange or scholarship programme of the University must be enrolled at the home university for the duration of their stay abroad (exception: Erasmus+ graduate traineeship, Erasmus+ doctoral mobility).

You may opt for regular re-registration by paying the semester fee in due time or by applying for a semester on leave.If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the Registrar's Office for International Students.

Travel and Safety Preparations

General information on safety precautions
The DAAD's advice explains which precautionary measures you need to take when preparing for a stay abroad and which addresses can help you in case of problems.

Travel and safety advice from the Federal Foreign Office
The information ranges from safety and travel warnings, nature and climate to entry and customs regulations as well as health protection.

Insurance Coverage

Health insurance for travel abroad
Coverage under the European Health Insurance Card or private insurance may be insufficient, especially if repatriation or special medical procedures are required.

Travel medical precautions
The shortness of a stay abroad tempts one to be careless in preparation and on the road, but even if the short duration of the trip makes e.g. vaccinations seem disproportionate, they are still important in individual cases.

Personal liability and accident insurance
Liability insurance covers damage caused during a stay abroad. Accident insurance covers one's own injuries caused by, for example, commuting accidents.

Practical Information

Checklist for a stay abroad
The DAAD checklist explains which questions you need to consider when planning a stay abroad and which addresses can help you with your questions.

Country-specific information from the DAAD
The information offered ranges from information on types of higher education institutions, study programmes and study organisation to visas, finding accommodation and living costs.

Correspondents "Studieren weltweit"
Students who are currently studying abroad report on their experiences and adventures. They not only share their adventures, but also information on planning and financing a stay abroad.

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