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Psychotherapeutische Hochschulambulanz

Weidenauerstraße 167a
57076 Siegen

Tel.:    +49 (0)271/740-5550

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Psychotherapeutic Ambulance of the University of Siegen

We welcome you to the homepage of the Psychotherapeutic Ambulance of the University of Siegen. Finding the right therapy and the right therapist is a great challenge. In the Psychotherapeutic Ambulance we conduct state-of-the-art psychotherapy for adults in accordance with our guidelines. Our state-licensed psychological psychotherapists are qualified to treat all psychological disorders.

Treatment offer

Who can be treated? What kind of therapy methods and settings are available and what does the Psychotherapeutic Ambulance offer?


How can I take advantage of psychotherapy at the University of Siegen and how does the therapy work?


Are there any costs for me when I use the Psychotherapeutic Ambulance? Does my health insurance pay?


Who belongs to the team of the Psychotherapeutic Ambulance and how can I contact the therapists?

Research Focuses

What are the main areas of research at the Psychotherapeutic Ambulance?

Helpful information and interesting facts

Background knowledge and useful links around the topic