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Englische Sprachwissenschaft


The members of our team are interested in a wide range of linguistic domains. We pursue a theory-based empirical approach to the investigation of many of the core areas of English linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax) as well as topics in psycholinguistics, corpus linguistics, second language acquisition, and creole linguistics. In this pursuit, we draw from a variety of data (e.g. written and spoken corpora, experimentally elicited data, transcribed manuscripts) and employ contemporary data analysis tools.

Our research in applied English linguistics investigates language in its contexts of use in a range of societal, institutional, professional and academic domains. It addresses the variation and variability of English for academic/specific purposes (e.g. second language writing), multilingual and intercultural contexts (e.g. English as a lingua franca) and professional communication (e.g. interaction in helping professions). Given our interdisciplinary research interest, we employ various analytical tools (e.g. corpus analysis, qualitative data analysis, conversation analysis) as well as discourse-analytical and ethnographic research designs.

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