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Research interest

  • Acoustic phonetics and acoustic analysis
  • Morpho-phonology and morpho-phonetics
  • Prosodic Phonology
  • Speech production
  • statistical modeling of speech data

PhD project

In my PhD project, I investigate the morpho-phonetic interface in English NNN compounds. I examine whether the morphological structure of triconstituent compounds is accessed by the phonetic signal during speech production. Previous research has provided evidence that sub-phonemic detail reflects morphological structure although a number of categorical approaches to speech productio, explicitly or implicitly, reject the existence of such an interplay.

I ran a corpus study and two production experiments with native speakers of North American English. I test the effect of morphological structure on (i) acoustic duration of compound constituents, and (ii) plosive reduction/deletion.

This PhD project is part of Morphological Embedding and Phonetic Reduction (associated project of the DFG Research Unit Spoken Morphology, FOR 2373)


Hinweise zum Einsatz der Google Suche