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ISERT Conference 2024

Empirical Theology and Postcolonial Theory

10. – 12. April 2024

Siegen, Germany

Postcolonial Theory is de- and re-constructing the historical, social, cultural, economic, psychological etc. impact of the European colonial past on both, the formerly colonialized peoples, nations, and societies and the formerly colonizing peoples, nations, and societies. In the last decades, this concept has been taken up in both theology and religious studies. If Empirical Theology is regarded, the question raises of how the normative bias of Postcolonial Theory can be integrated into the rather descriptive research program of Empirical Theology. Is Postcolonial Theory setting the frame of reference in which Empirical Theology is discussing its findings? Or does Empirical Theology have to adjust both its epistemology and/or its methodology in the light of Postcolonial Theory? The ISERT conference 2024 is concerned with such questions. It looks forward to create an inter-disciplinary forum of colleagues from theology as well as from cultural studies, social sciences, psychology, and religious studies to discuss the relationships between an empirical approach to religion and the requirements of Postcolonial Theory.


University of Siegen
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Riegel

Conference Manager

Cheryn Nabo-Al-Makhoul


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