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Registration for achievements in unisono

Important note on changed modalities:

In all degree programmes of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, starting with the winter semester 2021/22, students who attend the first exam date can use the second exam date as a retake option. Students who only attend the second exam date are not entitled to another appointment in the same semester.
This means that registration for the second exam date (second examination period) is possible if there was no registration for the first exam date.

At the Faculty I: Faculty of Arts and Humanities, all course achievements and examinations (SL and PL) are registered and credited online via the campus management system unisono. In other faculties, deadlines may differ from the following ones:

Deadlines for registration and cancellation of achievements and examinations in the summer semester 2023 in Faculty I:

If you have questions about or problems with the registration, please contact the phil: unisono team.

Registration of achievements:   

Attention: Please note that self-registration is only possible if there is no open registration from a previous examination period.

  • First examination period or in-semester achievement (SL and PL):
    • Monday, May 29, 2023 to Thursday (!), June 29, 2023.
  • Second examination period / Retake Date (SL and PL):
    • from Monday, July 17, 2023

Cancellation of achievements:

  • Scheduled achievements: Cancellation is possible up to seven days before the exam date, submission date of the term paper, or similar.
  • Achievements without schedule: Cancellation is possible at any time.
  • Attention: Please take into account that a withdrawal by your own is only possible until the beginning of the following registration phase for retake dates. If a later cancellation is necessary, please contact your examination office or the team of phil: unisono.

Further exceptions:

Please note that there are exceptions to the abovementioned deadlines in individual cases. Information on the most important exceptions can be found in the FAQ section of Faculty I.

General information on achievement registration and grade entering.

1. Guidelines, FAQs, and request form: Instructions and additional information can be found under the "Guidelines" category on this homepage and in the Faculty I FAQ section. There is also an Inquiry Tool available for students who face problems while registering for achievements, which can be used to pose questions to the members of the phil: unisono team.

2. Missed registration deadline: information on how to proceed in case of missed registration deadlines can be found in the FAQs of the Faculty I: Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

3. Withdrawal Deadline and Notification of Illness: In case of withdrawal due to illness, the appropriate form and a medical certificate must be submitted to the examination office.

4. Short information on the registration and entering achievements via unisono:

  • Registration of course achievements and examinations and the corresponding grade enterings are done separately. As a rule of thumb: one registration or rather entering is necessary for three credit points.
  • Achievements can only be registered for the module elements for which the courses are creditable according to unisono.


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