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List of downloadable talks

The download of the talks is password protected. The username is iontech and the password the same as the wireless network password during the workshop (see the printed workshop program, page iv, paragraph Internet Access).




Type of Presentation

Laser Technology
Quantum Gate Operations with Trapped Ions Rainer Blatt Tutorial
  Diode-lasers for coherent manipulation of ions Roee Ozeri Tutorial
  Laser sources for trapped molecular ion experiments Stephan  Schiller Special
  Laser Locking [PDF], [PPT] Jürgen Eschner  Overview 
  High Finesse Optical Cavities for Laser Locking Stephen Webster Special
  Control of hyperfine qubits using mode-locked pulsed lasers [PDF], [PPTX] David Hayes Overview 
Microwave Technology      
  Microwaves on atom/ion chips: generation, control, guiding and imaging Philipp Treutlein Tutorial 
  Microwave Near-Field Quantum Control of Trapped Ions [PDF], [PPTX] Ulrich Warring Overview 
  Magnetic Gradients and Microwave Control Michael Johanning Overview
  Review of DDS frequency sources Thilo Hannemann Overview 
Trap Technology      
  Microfabricated Ion Traps Winfried Hensinger Tutorial  
  Surface electrode ion traps Jason Amini  Overview 
  Recent experiments with ions in microfabricated surface-electrode traps Yves Colombe Special 
  Shuttling ions Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler Overview 
  Ion capture and sympathetic cooling Laurent Hilico  Special
  Imaging of single atoms and ions [PDF], [PPTX] Wolfgang Alt Special
  Planar Trap Design Roman Schmied Overview