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Course Rooms

Study rooms and facilities in times of Corona

A bridge between digital and face-to-face formats:
As of now, the Language Center will provide study rooms which can help you to reconcile face-to-face and digital formats. In SESAM, stationary computers are available and can be used for Moodle tasks and internet, etc. For video conferences, we can provide tablets and make other rooms available to you. The rooms can be booked for time slots of 2 hours. The number of people who can use a room depends on the size of the room.
The available rooms and facilities can and should be booked and used for tandem activities. Please write it into the commentary field of the registration form if you need any extra equipment (Webcam, Tablet).
IMPORTANT: please always bring your own headphones/headset! (has to be bluetooth or combined audio/mic plug)

Please visit the service-team office (WS-A 106) when you come in for your appointment. We will guide you to your room and give you the needed equipment. Please observe the 3G-rules.

To use the registration form, you need to be connected to the uni's VPN. You can find the installation and usage guide on the ZIMT's site.

If you encounter problems while registering, write an email to: service@spz.uni-siegen.de.


The self-study centre (SESAM), located in room WS-A 113, offers course-accompanying learning software for autonomous learning purposes. Language skills can be refreshed through self-study. Our computer-based placement tests also take place in SESAM. Furthermore, our Service Team can inform you about the Language Center's services here, and you can network with fellow students.

Course Rooms

All 6 course rooms available to the Language Center on the Weidenauer Straße site are equipped with ActivBoards. The rooms are generally large in size and are suitable for various teaching methods and social activities. Moreover, our teachers are qualified to use digital media in the classroom within the framework of our continuing professional development programme. Our internal events, e.g. the "International Movie Nights", usually take place on our own premises.