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Data Protection

What data does the USiCard contain?

The USiCard contains your name, student registration number, and photo on its front side.

What personal data of mine is stored?

  • First Name: (Your first name as recorded in unisono)
  • Last Name: (Your last name as recorded in unisono)
  • Gender: (Your gender as recorded in unisono)
  • Date of Birth: (Your date of birth as recorded in unisono)
  • Student registration number: (your student registration number)
  • ESI (European Student Card ID): (your ID for the European Student Card)
  • Library number: (your student registration number as well as the version number of your USiCard)

How can I do to protect my data?

Treat your USiCard with the same care you'd use with your bank card. Keep it in a protective cover or in your wallet. If you wish to take extra precautions to prevent unauthorized access, you can store it in a metallic case (a so-called Faraday cage). There are many suitable products on the market designed for government-issued ID documents.

Who can see my photo and how long is it stored?

The photo is used solely to generate the USiCard and can be viewed by employees of the Registrar’s office. It can only be accessed by this group of people if there are problems with the generation of the USiCard, or if it is to be deleted. Your photo is not stored outside the unisono campus management system. It is automatically deleted 20 weeks after the date of upload. Alternatively, earlier deletion can be requested at the Registrar's Office once the USiCard has been produced.

The Technology inside the USiCard

Unlike in a standard bank card, the chip in your USiCard is not visible. It has instead been permanently sealed within the card, whose plastic is composed of multiple layers. The chip works with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, allowing for contactless transmission of data to a reading device at distances of up to 10 centimeters. An integrated antenna provides the chip with power inductively during each transmission. No battery is required.

RFID technology is robust and has been in practical use for years. The card should nevertheless always be treated with care. Running it through a washing machine or leaving it in a hot car in summer, for example, can damage the card.