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Our goal is to grow ATHENA into a globally recognised brand that stands for excellent education and research and offers new perspectives to students, researchers, and all university members through international cooperation.


ATHENA promotes inclusive, innovative, and high-quality education. Students can pick their courses from a joint course offering and attend classes at the ATHENA universities in person and online. Shared mobility windows and a variety of opportunities for virtual exchange allow students, researchers, and staff to move and thrive on an inter-European university campus. This way, we enhance international cooperation, intercultural competence, and individual career paths.


ATHENA develops innovative methods to facilitate cross-border research throughout Europe. Students, teachers, and representatives from industry work together to tackle social and ecological challenges, always oriented towards global market needs. Practice-oriented international research cooperation increases the innovation capacity of our regions and strengthens the quality of European research. At the core of our vision is to orient the research results towards societal benefit and to actively share them with local communities.


ATHENA means a close link between teaching, research, and industry. Research results, R&D expertise, and the latest technologies are continously exchanged among universites and companies throughout Europe. We offer industry the opportunity to shape curricula and train tomorrow's workforce in a practical and needs-oriented manner. Joint projects with companies, student reserach projects or working as a student trainee help students to benefit from excellent perspectives on the international job market.


ATHENA connects universities and industry with society. Our universities are not only a place for students, teachers, and staff but are open to all citizens. We seek direct exchange with the local communities throughout Europe and offer a wide range of opportunities for Lifelong Learning. Through personal dialogue with society, we contribute to the dismantling of barriers and predjudices and ensure a more liveable Europe. 

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