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Expected Impacts on Target Groups and Stakeholders:

  • Deaf students will have facilitated access to education
  • Deaf people will have effective ways to communicate with non-deaf and with other deaf from different nationalities promoting their access to active citizenship
  • Institutions adopting the InSign outputs will enhance their digital integration in learning, teaching, training and youth work at various levels. Furthermore, will assume a leading position in inclusion of deaf´citizens boosting their notoriety and public recognition

Expected European Impacts:

  • The European Sign Language Translator will be available through the applications for education and daily life for use in classrooms and public attendance services
  • The InSign project will produce, to our best knowledge, the first and unique system for automatic real time translation between sign languages from different nationalities and also for international sign. This will have an impact at international level in schools, mainly higher education, and vocational education schools that are currently giving significant importance to the internationalization of education as a key factor to improve students’ competences, and in European public institutions like the Parliament
  • Transfer of state-of-the-art assistive technology to the civil society

Expected International Impacts:

  • The automatic real time translation between sign languages from different nationalities and International Sign might be of relevance for international deaf associations and multinational institutions like UNESCO, ONU, Amnesty International and Disabled People‘s International
  • Non-deaf students and professionals will become able to establish basic communication with deaf people using gestures from International Sign with a little time investment