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IO3 - International Sign Course

The aim of Intellectual Output 3 (IO3) is to promote the inclusion of deaf students in higher education by delivering a course, available also as a MOOC, to teach International Sign to deaf and non-deaf students and teachers.


IO3 Results:

A certified course on International Sign and a MOOC addressed to the deaf and non-deaf that want to learn a simple sign language. The course is available in English, German, Greek, Slovenian, Portuguese and also in the national sign languages of partners: DGS, CSL, GSL, LGP and SSL.

Courses available for Deaf communities:

  • German Sign Language (DGS)
  • Cypriot Sign Language (CSL)
  • Greece Sign Language (GSL)
  • Portuguese Sign Language (LGP)
  • Slovenian Sign Language (SSL)

Courses available for Hearing Communities:

  • English Language
  • German Language
  • Greece Language 1 & 2
  • Portuguese Language
  • Slovenian Language

The courses can be found on our InSign-Moodle platform. Please sign up to access and enroll in our courses. The German and English courses are also published on the ORCA platform. ORCA is a free online portal dedicated to digitally supported teaching and learning at universities. The German and English version of the course will be published soon on the ORCA platform.

We expect this course to raise awareness and to foster the learning of International Sign by the academic communities thus promoting equity and allowing hearing impaired students to benefit from higher education.